Traits of Successful Law Firms

Traits of Successful Law Firms

Sponsored by: Plaintiff Firm & Solo/Small Team SIGs
Domains: Client Services & Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competencies: Process Improvement & Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

The traits of successful law firms are traits that can benefit any small or medium sized defense or plaintiff firm. Clients are an essential part of all of our firms and why we have a job. Having a clear understanding of a client’s experience with your firm, along with understanding each touchpoint in their client journey, can be the differentiator you are seeking.

Once your clients are on-boarded, how can you make sure day-to-day communications and operations are streamlined resulting in the best client experience? What is your work culture and how does this impact the experience your clients have? The most successful firms have a high performing management team – what does that look like and how can we as legal marketers become a part of it if we are not already?

This session will allow you to learn from Tim McKey, an industry expert on law firm operations, and share best practices with peers and crowdsource solutions with proven results. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the 4 ways to grow a law firm
  • Accepting that ON is as (or maybe more) important as IN
  • Discuss what is your firm vision and how do you help accomplish it
  •  Learn how to prioritize actionable steps

Presenter:Tim McKey, Owner, Vista Consulting

Price: Complimentary for Members

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