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LMA developed the Body of Knowledge (BoK) as the foundational resource for professional development in marketing that defines the core skills necessary for legal marketers to advance their professional careers. Explore our educational offerings through the BoK categories.

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Over the past 37 years, LMA’s community has steadily grown from fewer than 10 self-starters to now thousands of engaged members.

In-house marketers, service providers and consultants from across the world meet, share, innovate and reframe marketing’s position in the legal industry for the advancement of their firms and the profession.

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As the authority for legal marketing worldwide, LMA supports the legal marketing community through thought leadership, professional advocacy and personal enrichment. We hold ourselves and our members to high standards of ethics.

Advancing the Profession Since 1985


  • 1985 – First Organizational Meetings, Conference
  • 1986 – Newsletter Launch
  • 1987 – White Paper Released; First YHA
  • 1989 - Membership Forms First Chapter


  • 1990 – NALFMA to NLFMA
  • 1991 – California, New England Chapters Founded
  • 1992 – First Organization Print Ad Run; Metro New York Chapter Founded
  • 1997 – Rocky Mountain Chapter Founded
  • 1998 – NLFMA to LMA; First Member Recognized as CMO
  • 1999 – Virginias Chapter Founded


  • 2001 – First Conference Held Outside U.S.; New Chapters Formed
  • 2002 – Northwest, Southwest Chapters Formed
  • 2003 – Southern California Chapter Formed
  • 2004 – Book Released on History of Profession; Metro Philadelphia Chapter Formed
  • 2005 – First International Chapter Recognized
  • 2006 – Membership Achieves All-Time High
  • 2007 – Unforgettable Keynote; Toronto Chapter, Hall of Fame Established
  • 2008 – Kentucky Chapter Formed
  • 2009 – First Full-time Employee Hired


  • 2012 – Texas Chapter Formed
  • 2013 – All-time Highest Chapter Membership Numbers Achieved
  • 2014 – Education Director Hired
  • 2015 – LMA Returns to San Diego for 30th
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Volunteers are the heart and the energy behind the Legal Marketing Association and are dedicated to advancing the legal marketing and business development profession. With more than 70 official volunteerism bodies and countless point-in-time opportunities, there is a place in LMA to help you enhance your leadership experience among influential peers in the industry.

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