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Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Legal Marketing

LMA strives to deliver robust advertising and networking opportunities that will connect you with the legal marketing and business development decision-makers you most want to reach. Whether through our year round advertising, our annual conference or regional events, we are here to help deliver.

We want to learn more about your specific marketing goals and objectives, then align our advertising opportunities to  help you achieve those goals. As we partner together, we will build a stronger community and industry, making it a win-  win. AND, if you have interest in exploring opportunities you might not already see within our media kit, just ASK! We  welcome the opportunity to brainstorm and explore how we might be able to develop custom programs to fit your needs. 

Thank you for taking the time and interest in LMA. We look forward to serving you!

Contact Kathy Sveen, LMA Director of Sales, to discuss opportunities, custom packages and more.


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The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is the universal voice of the legal marketing and business development profession, a community that brings together all levels – from CMOs to entry-level specialists from firms of all sizes, consultants, vendors, lawyers, marketers from other professions and marketing students who will become our future. LMA is the conduit for industry connections and to share collective knowledge.  Members at every stage in their career development benefit from participating in LMA’s array of educational offerings programs and services.

Advertise with LMA and align your brand with some of the largest players in the industry! We deliver the right titles and reach to help you connect.

The only thing missing? IS YOU!

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LMA's Regions and Local Groups

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LMA has eight regions and more than 40 local groups across the U.S., Canada and Europe. We are proud of the fact that our LMA members hail from 48 U.S. states and 18 countries. Our regional and local groups empower our members to stay up to date on the trends of our constantly evolving legal marketing industry. Even more importantly perhaps, is the networking opportunities and ability to deepen relationships, build trust and be the vessel for the interchange of ideas, while providing those important, closer-to-home, regionally-based education, research and training opportunities.


View Advertising Opportunities below, or contact Kathy Sveen for options; custom packages welcomed! 

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LMA offers advertising opportunities in:

Strategies & Voices;

NEW! Year In Review

LMA Weekly  LMA Website LMA Podcasts 
LMA Social Media Emails Webinars Custom Packages


Strategies & Voices

Strategies & Voices is the official online publication of LMA. It is a valuable source of original, industry-specific knowledge and tips for legal marketing professionals. Gain brand recognition with a banner advertisement placed on the Strategies & Voices landing page, for instance, or an ad in the monthly recap newsletter. Strategies & Voices is also the best way to place your content* in front of thousands of readers interested in legal marketing. Stand out as an industry thought leader with a blog post that appeals to members and prospective members alike. Plus, all posts are indexed and added to our searchable archive, giving your content an extended lifespan. * Content must adhere to sponsored content guidelines.

Check out the JUST-ADDED Strategies & Voices Year In Review -- hurry and reserve your prime ad space by September 16 in this printed publication today!

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In addition to the monthly Strategies & Voices newsletter advertising, other promotional opportunities for Strategies & Voices include:

•    Sponsored article, video or infographic - Let's create a custom package to showcase your company's thought leadership! Contact Kathy Sveen to discuss.

LMA Strategies & Voices Year In Review

Hurry! Space is limited and ads are due in September

Strategies & Voices Year In Review sample coverGet in front of every LMA member! For 2022, LMA will produce a best-of, print edition of  LMA’s official online publication, Strategies &  Voices. The 2022 Strategies & Voices Year in Review will be a compilation of the top-rated content from the past year and will be mailed by early December 2022 to all of our U.S., Canadian and international members. Produced and mailed with YOUR sponsorship support, the 2022 Strategies & Voices Year-In- Review publication will provide LMA members with a tangible resource showcasing the best-of legal marketing content that can only be found on Strategies & Voices. We’ll also be driving readers to the Strategies & Voices online content hub/website (strategiesandvoices.org) for further  reading and exploration.


Advertising space is limited and ads are due September 23 -- hurry and secure your spot by September 16, 2022, before they sell out! Reserve your prime ad space now! Contact Kathy Sveen at ksveen@legalmarketing.org today. See the contract with details.

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LMA Weekly

LMA Weekly is the official e-newsletter of LMA. Distributed to LMA members, LMA Weekly is LMA’s primary communications tool for sending out event notices, announcements and general LMA news. With a 32% average open rate and a 17% average click-through rate, LMA Weekly is our most opened email, guaranteeing you immediate attention for your product or services. Sponsor to have the opportunity to include content* in one LMA Weekly e-newsletter. Sponsorship includes (1) one-hundred word submission with a logo to be placed in the newsletter. Specs: 100 words maximum content. *Content must adhere to sponsored content guidelines. 

*Not a member? Join today to access all of LMA’s resources, communities and information.

LMA Weekly

LMA Weekly

LMA Weekly

LMA Weekly


LMA Weekly price chart

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LMA Website

The LMA website attracts more than 110,000 page views per month. Website ads will be placed prominently in the website footer and displayed across all LMA web pages. The website is the public "face" of LMA and is our primary resource for our members for information, education, registration and more!


Website pricing

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LMA Podcast Series

With over 6,800 unique plays, sponsoring the LMA Podcast series will provide you with a chance to promote your services to consumers on the go. Sponsorship includes a 30-second MP3 advertisement to be played during the podcast and your logo and website will be featured on the podcast blog post.

$3,500 episode sponsorship; includes ad/commercial 

With over 6,800 unique plays, and 70+ podcasts over 9 series, sponsoring one or multiple LMA Podcast series will allow you to heavily promote your company to our listeners. Podcast usage has continued to increase making this a great way to position your brand. LMA Members can tune into our Podcast series to join on-demand as part of their membership.

Sponsorship includes:
(1)  :30-second commercial played during the podcast
Company logo and website will be featured on our podcast page with logo/name on podcast slide

DEADLINE FOR MATERIALS: Ad recordings will be arranged separately for convenience of both parties, but the recording, along with logo specs and URL, should be finalized 10 days prior to deployment. Website ad materials and URL due 10 days prior to deployment. Ad placement on LMA Podcast Series page

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According to Edison Research, podcast consumers now spend, on average, five hours and seven minutes minutes weekly listening? AND, more than 50% of podcast listeners say they are 50% "more likely to somewhat more likely" to consider buying after hearing it advertised on in a podcast? (emarketer 2019).  And, on top of the list of why podcasts, according to Statista, 2019, “Nearly 3 out of every 4 podcast consumers in the U.S. say they tune in to learn something new."  This makes for a highly engage group of listeners who will hear your commercial and likely take action.


LMA Social Media Posts

Reach members through LMA’s social media channels, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, to share your thought leadership or promote your product or service.

$1,000 per post (two available per month, per platform)

DEADLINE FOR MATERIALS: Materials due 10 days prior to launch. Social media graphics to adhere to standard platform sizes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Identify your platform preference and provide graphics accordingly up to two platforms per post. Engagement statistics will be provided after 14 days after original post. 

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Email Blast

Opportunity to reach LMA members twice each month with a targeted email in their inbox. Email is still the most efficient, effective way to reach your legal marketing audience! Email marketing through LMA can put you in a better position for success. This is your opportunity to gain meaningful visibility for your service or product and to connect with your precise audience of legal marketing professionals. With a 35% average open rate and 14% average click rate, LMA email rates are above the industry average. Sponsor to provide HTML and subject line per LMA Guidelines.

Dedicated Email Blast
$ 3,000

Package of 4 Email Blasts
Package pricing must be used in 2022.
$ 10,200

Package of 6 Email Blasts
Package pricing must be used in 2022.
$ 13,000

Package of 12 Email Blasts
Package pricing must be used by December 2023

Sponsor to send email HTML and subject line/preview line per 2022 LMA Email Guidelines / at least 10 days prior to launch.

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Legal marketing service providers possess critical subject matter expertise that can help a legal marketer excel at his/her wide range of responsibilities. Position yourself as an expert when you share your best practices with the LMA community. 60 minutes in length; Sponsor to work with LMA’s Education Committee on presented topic* * Content must adhere to sponsored content guidelines. 

$5,150 per webinar (one available per month)

DEADLINE FOR MATERIALS: To be arranged individually. At least 30 days in advance of desired launch.

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WE LOVE CUSTOM PACKAGES! Contact Kathy Sveen to secure your company's sponsorship or to create your own custom package! Also see our 2023 LMA Annual Conference Prospectus and we'll see you in Hollywood, Florida, April 24-26, 2023!


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LMA - Reaching legal marketers and businesss development professionals around the globe!


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LMA Weekly is LMA’s weekly e-newsletter delivered directly to LMA’s 3,500+ members*.  With an average open rate of 40%, it is a welcomed member resource. *Not a member? Join today to access all of LMA’s resources, communities and information.


Strategies & Voices is the official online publication of LMA. A 24/7 resource featuring more than 250+ original LMA webinars, articles and podcasts created specifically for legal marketing and business development professionals to keep you current and at the top of your game.


The LMA website is the public-facing site for LMA, also housing the member portal, valued online LMA communities and Career Center, among other member resources. With nearly 10,000 visitors each month and 40,000 page views, the LMA website offers prime visibility for your company.