The Mindful Marketer

The Mindful Marketer

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership and Client Services
BoK Competencies: Department Management & Motivation, Change Management, Management of Individual Personnel, and Written and Oral Communication Skills

Mindfulness is often thought of as a meditative activity that requires absolute focus and some type of Zen quite hideaway and for legal marketers who are often zipping to each project hardly catching their breath, burning the candle at all ends; the idea of mindfulness can seem like a lofty and unattainable goal. However in reality mindfulness can be integrated in to everything we do, and the benefits of mindfulness include better stress management, creativity, focus, and improved relationships. All things that we as legal marketers need to keep sharp and ever at the ready in this rapidly changing world of legal marketing. And we will not only explore the whys of mindfulness but also include examples of mindfulness and meditation you can do anywhere anytime.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the science behind how mindfulness works
  • Discuss strategies for daily implementation
  • Discuss benefits both professional and personal

Rachel Shields Williams, Senior Business Development and Marketing Manager, Sidley Austin

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