The DEI Controversy: Current State of Inclusion in the Public Discourse

The DEI Controversy: Current State of Inclusion in the Public Discourse

Sponsored by: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion SIG
Domains: Marketing Management and Leadership & Communications
BoK Competencies: Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics & Message and Strategy Planning

Join the DEI SIG for an essential conversation, delving into the pressing issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in today's dynamic landscape. In the face of recent legislative changes, political discourse, and the unwavering commitment of law firms to foster inclusive environments and recruit diverse talent reflective of our clients' values, we aim to explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities this landscape presents. We'll also examine how these discussions have influenced talent acquisition and development at educational institutions, including law schools. Our dialogue will encompass critical topics such as allyship, anti-bias initiatives, and inclusive language, while providing practical insights for effective firm and personal communication that align with the values of our clients and communities. Register today!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify current challenges to the DEI efforts and how law firms are responding and addressing those concerns.  
  • Discuss the current DEI landscape on the heels of the Supreme Court’s SFFA decision and related activist litigation 
  • Address best practices for handling tough conversations at work and on behalf of the firm
  • Understand how law firm marketers can continue to service as ambassadors for inclusive workplaces and communicate firm DEI values back to clients
  • Underscore the business case for diversity and reiterate that diverse teams perform better, deliver more value to shareholders and ultimately help solve client problems in a more creative way
Terra Davis, Chief Diversity & Talent Development Officer, Knobbe Martens 
Merle Vaughn, Managing Partner & National Law Firm Diversity Practice Leader, Major, Lindsey & Africa
Caren Ulrich Stacy, Founder & CEO, Diversity Lab 

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