Reputational Risk - One Decision Away From Disaster

Reputational Risk - One Decision Away From Disaster

Domain:  Communications

With today’s 24/7 news cycle, we are all just one decision away from disaster. A crisis can strike at any moment and take any form. Despite our best efforts, it is often difficult to plan for this eventuality and to know how to take action in a fluid scenario. In this session, you’ll hear from two seasoned veterans who have successfully handled several crises and kept their firms and companies afloat amidst a barrage of regional, national and international media. Gain practical guidance you can use to improve your crisis communications strategy based on what works and what no longer works in this challenging, new media environment.

Topics include:

  • Proactive crisis communications planning
  • Working with your firm’s leadership and the media
  • Things NOT to do during a crisis
  • Internal communications vs. external communications
  • Image/reputation as part of your corporate strategy

Maggie T. Watkins, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Sedgwick LLP
Jan Strode, Chief Executive Officer, CEO Advisor

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