Business Development for Litigators

Business Development for Litigators

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Domain: Business Development 

The litigator has a unique challenge for bringing business to the firm. Lack of a corporate deal flow, untapped referral source networks and a desire for subject matter variety all stifle the litigator's efforts to build clientele and bring in new cases. But it can be done and the litigator personality can be leveraged to create outstanding rainmakers.

In this session, we will use new psychological research derived from the Lawyer Behavior Profile tool to break down the litigator personality and apply those findings to helping litigators find more clients.

Participants in the session will come away knowing how to:

  • Create niche practices for business development outreach without "pigeon-holing" the practice and giving up desired variety
  • Focus on referral source networks both inside and outside the firm
  • Leverage the firm to build business
  • Build relationships with clients for future work even before the case ends
  • Create and work business pipelines
  • Stay in touch with prospective clients when they don't have litigation needs
  • Turn awareness activities into relationships building activities
  • Manage business development activities during trial
  • This session will be conducted by Craig Brown, a former litigator himself and a law firm business development trainer and coach.

Craig has worked with managing partners, attorneys, CEOs, and executives, as a coach, consultant and business executive for over 20 years. He is currently affiliated with the business development division at LawVision where his consulting and training practice focuses on helping law firms rethink how to build clientele by reconnecting people to their core strengths.

Outline of topics:

  • Litigator business development obstacles
  • Lawyer vs. non-lawyer vs litigator personality – new comparison research
  • Building awareness in niches
  • How your clients view you
  • Specializing your practice and your outreach
  • Thought leadership
  • Focusing on referrals as a litigator
  • Leveraging the firm and selling the firm
  • “Quarterbacking” the relationship
  • Formalizing relationship building
  • Resisting “hit and run” - planning for the post-litigation relationship
  • Using effective pipeline tools
  • Turning awareness activities into relationship activities
  • Being true to yourself

Craig A. Brown, Law Firm Business Development Consultant, LawVision

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