The Dilemma of Law Firms: To Speak or Stay Silent?

The Dilemma of Law Firms: To Speak or Stay Silent?

Sponsored by: PR SIG
Domains: Business of Law & Communications
BoK Competencies: Business Structures and Trends, Media Relations/PR, & Message and Strategy Planning

The question of whether law firms should express a stance on societal issues, such as war, racial injustice, the US Supreme Court's decisions, and controversial social matters, presents a complex dilemma for firm leaders. Many prefer to maintain a neutral, apolitical stance, yet the evolving landscape makes it more challenging than it was five years ago. This session will delve into the analysis of the current legal landscape, exploring the considerations that drive firms to support causes aligned with their clients and personnel. It will also examine the risks associated with remaining on the sidelines, as well as the opportunities to educate and communicate effectively. Participants will gain insights into making informed decisions regarding external communications on heated and divisive issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss when firms should take a stance on societal issues 
  • Explore the risks and challenges of taking (and not taking) political stances
  • Identify an evaluation plan for speaking out on delicate subjects
Cheryl Bame, Principal, Bame Public Relations 
Katherine Hollar Barnard, Managing Partner and CEO, Firesign Marketing 
Traci Stuart, President, Blattel Communications
Elizabeth Lampert, President, Elizabeth Lampert PR

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