The Technology Horizon

The Technology Horizon

Domain: Technology Management 
Competency: Website Management, Analytics and SEO, Communications Software and Platforms, and CRM

Legal marketing, sales, service and the practice of law are being affected by new technologies. Marketers need to have a high level of technical literacy to stay relevant. This webinar will survey the key technologies that will affect our jobs, but will provide a framework for how legal marketers should look at and evaluate the technologies.

What’s on the horizon and what are the trends that we’re seeing? Will the technologies completely change the way we work? Or are they just incremental improvements? What are the implications of the pace of technological change for legal industry marketing and business development professionals?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role of technology for legal marketers
  • Identify key areas of technology
  • Develop and approach to addressing technology needs

Presenter: Adam Stock, Chief Marketing & Client Services Officer, Allen Matkins

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