The CMOs Role in Succession Management

The CMOs Role in Succession Management

Domain: Client Services and Business Development
Competency: Internal Client Communications and Feedback and Business Development Coaching/Training 

Sponsored by: CMO SIG 

This webinar will explore ways that CMOs can get involved in and help their firms with various aspects and challenges of succession planning. With 50% or more of equity partners at many firms nearing sixty or older, firms will have to address the inevitable gaps that retiring baby boomers are likely to create including rainmaking and client relationship management, civic and community leadership, and firm leadership. Participants will hear from two CMOs about what their firms have been doing in these areas as well as hear from a consultant who has been speaking and working with firms on succession management throughout the country. 

From helping senior partners with their client and practice transition plans and conducting client interviews with those affected by partner transitions, to providing strategy and support in the planning, communication and execution of leadership transition plans, participants in this webinar will leave equipped with a better understanding of the broad scope of succession management and ideas that will help them add value to their firms.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify succession and retirement trends and challenges
  2. Learn what CMOs and other law firms are doing to tackle some of the issues
  3. Explore aspects of succession management you may want to get involved in

**All CMO/Senior Marketer programs, unless otherwise stated, are only open to the CMO community. Please do not distribute registration links to those outside of the SIG.

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