Amplifying The Voice of the Client At Your Firm: Real World Tips and Techniques

Amplifying The Voice of the Client At Your Firm: Real World Tips and Techniques

Domain: Client Services, Business Development

Amid the day-to-day hustle for billable hours and the host of internal administrative obligations that exist within law firms, it can be easy for the client’s voice to get lost or muffled. But when in-house counsel are asked what law firms can do to earn – and more importantly, retain – their business, the same themes always emerge:
  • Understand my business;
  • Listen to and meet my expectations; and
  • Give me practical advice that can help my organization be more successful.
In this session, panelists who have spearheaded client feedback efforts at their own firms will provide real-life insights about how to amplify the voice of the client and ensure that it is given priority in shaping client service and business development strategy.

Our speakers will provide candid observations about how legal marketing professionals can drive change within their firms and, through effective account management, can make a meaningful difference in retaining and growing client relationships.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate the value of client feedback and key account management programs
  • Identify opportunities to highlight and prioritize the voice of the client when pursuing new business and serving existing clients
  • Use client intelligence to improve law firm performance – both for individual clients and on a larger, more systemic level
Amber Bollman, Director of Client Service Initiatives, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Lee Watts, Chief Marketing Officer, Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP
Brandi Michelle Hobbs, Chief Strategy Officer, Bell, Davis & Pitt, P.A.
Jeffery J. Berardi, Founder and Principal, Berardi Consulting LLC

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