Membership FAQs


  • Is my membership still current and what is my renewal date?
    If you are able to log into the Members-Only section, you are still a member. Membership expires on 12/31 of each year and can be renewed anytime by clicking on "Renew Membership" under the "For Members" top navigation. Enter login and password and click "Sign in" if directed to do so.
  • How do I renew my LMA membership?

    LMA’s website makes renewing your membership easy with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Renew your LMA membership online instantly with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

    To renew your membership online:

    • If you have not already done so, log into the website using your username and password.
    • Once you are on the Members Only landing page, click on Renew Membership under For Members on the top navigation..
    • To settle your account, click “Pay Invoice” at the bottom of the invoice. Confirm total, enter appropriate credit card information and click “check out”.
    • Payment will be processed within 24 hours. Access to the website should not be interrupted.

    If you have any questions, please contact LMA HQ at (312) 321-6898.

  • My membership expired – how do I become reinstated?

    LMA offers members a 30-day grace period following the expiration of their membership. If you are within this time frame, simply renew your membership.

    If your membership has lapsed beyond 60 days, please contact LMA HQ at (312) 321-6898.

  • How can I pay my membership dues?
    1. Visit www.legalmarketing.org
    2. Enter your login and password (to reset your online username and password, click on “Forgot your Username or Password?” under the login box)
    3. Click the “Members Only” tab at the top
    4. Click “Renew Membership” in the member login box
    5. Update your personal profile and then click “Save Information”. Please make sure to review & update your information in each of the tabs.  Once you are finished updating your profile click “Continue”.
    6. Enter your billing address and select if you wish to pay by credit card or check. If paying by credit card, enter your credit card information and then click "Submit Payment & Complete".  If paying by check, click "Submit Payment & Complete" and the system will generate an invoice that should be returned with payment.
  • Where should my membership dues payment be sent?

    If paying by check, please include your member ID and name and send payment to:

    Legal Marketing Association
    8201 Solutions Center
    Chicago, IL 60677-8001

    If paying by credit card, please send your payment to:

    Legal Marketing Association
    330 N. Wabash Ave, Suite 2000
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Email membersupport@legalmarketing.org
    Fax: (312) 673-6894

  • How long does it typically take to process my membership dues payment?

    Online payments are processed immediately.

    Renewals that are sent in to LMA Headquarters with either check or credit card must be processed manually and the process may take 7-10 business days.

  • How do I receive a receipt for payment from LMA?

    Please contact LMA HQ to request a job bank post receipt.

  • Is there a grace period for my membership?

    Yes, there is a 30-day grace period for all members.  If your membership is not renewed by the 30-day grace period date, you will lose all membership rights and access to the members' only portion of the LMA website.

  • How can I take advantage of the In-Transition membership category?

    The In-Transition membership category applies only to current members who are currently unemployed and seeking new positions. The In-Transition membership category is priced at $150 for six months, with the possibility of extending to a total of 12 months at no additional charge. It is only applicable for current members at renewal time, not new members. Find out more and apply today.

  • Is my membership transferable?

    LMA individual memberships may be transferred to another person if the individual member requests such a transfer via this Membership Transfer Form. The membership will be transferred to the requested individual and the departing member will be allowed to continue his/her membership for the remainder of the calendar year. A $75 transfer fee will be applied.

  • How do I join a committee or volunteer?

    Members may express interest in serving on international, regional or local committees in three ways.

    1. New Member - Membership application forms contain a section where you can indicate your desire to participate on a committee, either at the international, regional or local level.
    2. Renewing Member - On your membership renewal form. When renewing your membership, the online and hard copy dues renewal packages have a page titled Committee Interest. These packages are individually tailored to your region.
    3. By contacting the relevant committee chair or board liaison. Members may obtain LMA International committee chair email contact information by clicking on "Committees" under My LMA on the Members Only page.
    4. Throw your hat in the ring as a possible volunteer at any time throughout the year -- in any capacity large or small -- by completing the Pipeline to Volunteer Leadership form. See all volunteer options.
  • If I am a member of an LMA region, am I a member of LMA International?

    All members of regions are automatically members of LMA International.

  • Does LMA offer discounts for firms/companies with multiple members?

    Yes, LMA offers a Group Membership option so your team can take advantage of all of the education, resources, Shared Interest Groups, online communities and more. Please click here for more information.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?

    Questions about membership should be directed to LMA Headquarters at (312) 321-6898 or membersupport@legalmarketing.org.

LMA Regions

  • Where are LMA regions located?

    The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) welcomes members' interest in convening a local group within LMA's seven regions. Regions and local groups are vital in communicating the needs of the local legal community and instrumental in setting direction for our entire association.

    The purpose of an LMA region is to meet, regionally, the professional needs of the in-house law firm marketing administrator. As LMA membership increases, regional affiliations provide a convenient way to maintain or increase contact with other members of the association, and a cost-effective way to provide educational programming.

    The objectives of the LMA Region should be to establish and maintain a regional organization to:

    • Assist in establishing professional standards of performance;
    • Encourage active communication and cooperation among members;
    • Provide continuing education and professional development of members;
    • Use the knowledge and experience of the members to promote the marketing profession in both the legal community and geographic area;
    • Be a forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences among its members, taking into consideration the competitive position of the members' firms and the confidential nature of certain issues.

    Regions and local groups provide members with a cost-effective means to achieve the following goals:

    • Keep abreast of trends in the constantly evolving legal marketing industry and how that evolution is affecting the region;
    • Maintain open channels for the interchange of ideas;
    • Take advantage of in-person education and training close to home; and
    • Network with legal marketing and business development professionals in their local area.
  • Do my membership dues include regional and local group membership?

    Membership dues include regional membership, as well as local group membership where applicable.

  • Must I join the region or local group in my area?

    If your address falls within a region, you will automatically become a member of that region. Members outside of designated LMA's established are considered members-at-large.

    You do not, though, need to be a member of a local group in your area as an LMA member. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the in-person networking and learning opportunities that local groups provide.

  • May I join more than one region?

    LMA members may join more than one region. Contact LMA at membersupport@legalmarketing.org for multiple region enrollment information.

  • If I am an LMA member and I change firms does my membership go with me to the region in the new city where I will be working?

    Membership in LMA belongs to the individual member. If you change firms, your membership changes right with you. If you relocate to a new city, your membership will be transferred to the region and/or local group in that city or closest to you. If your new location does not fall within one of LMA's seven regions, you will be considered a member-at-large. Contact LMA at membersupport@legalmarketing.org if you have moved out of your region.