Group Rate

Discounted Group Rates for Membership


Law firms and service provider companies with multiple LMA members are eligible for discounted individual memberships. This program provides multiple benefits:

  • Price reduction — The more members you have, the greater the discount.
  • Ease of invoicing — One invoice to process, one check to cut.
  • Flexible membership — Firms and companies that take advantage of the group rates can assign a departing employee’s membership to another employee without paying an extra fee (previously, a $75 transition fee applied). The departing employee also continues their individual membership for the remainder of the calendar year.

How to Enroll in the Group Rate Program

You must contact LMA to receive your organization/firm's group rate for membership. The renew/join function on the LMA website is able to process only renewals or new memberships at the full individual membership rate.

To renew your organization’s members at the discounted group rate — or add new members at the discounted group rate call LMA Headquarters at (312) 321-6898 or email at Please note when creating a group, each company will need to assign one group administrator to serve as the main contact for the entire company. All future invoices for the group will be sent to the group administrator.

Group Rate Discount Tiers


Group Size    
1-5 Members                          
6-10 Members
$15 discount per member
11-15 Members
$30 discount per member
16-20 Members
$45 discount per member
21-25 Members
$60 discount per member
26-30 Members
$75 discount per member
31+ Members
$90 discount per member

Adding/Changing New Members Using the Group Rate

Firms/companies that take advantage of discounted group rates for membership can add new LMA members during the year at the discounted group member rate applicable for their organizations.

To add or delete members during the year, the group administrator must notify LMA Headquarters of changes. Complete this change form and submit it to LMA Headquarters.

  • If a firm/company adds new member(s) before July 1, they can join at the firm’s/company’s discounted group rate.
  • If the new member(s) puts the firm/company into the next discount bracket, the new member(s) would pay the membership rate with the higher discount.
  • If a firm/company adds new members after July 1, they can join at the mid-year rate of  $314.50, but no additional discount would apply.
  • If a firm/company transfers a membership due to someone leaving the company, the member leaving will retain their membership until the end of the year.