MN Mentorship Program Guidelines 2021

LMA-MN Mentorship Program Guidelines 2021

Program Overview 

The LMA-MN Mentorship Program was created by the Local Steering Committee to foster meaningful mentor and mentee relationships among legal marketers in Minnesota. Mentors are senior-level marketers who are passionate about sharing knowledge and advice to help new to mid-level marketers grow in their careers. The program offers members the opportunity to engage with the LMA community and experience a rewarding professional relationship.        

How Does It Work?

The duration of the program is intended to last about one year with the understanding that relationships may run their natural course sooner or extend beyond the one-year mark. 

Program participants may express their interest in becoming a mentor or mentee by filling out an expression of interest form here.

Mentor and Mentee Responsibilities 

The Mentorship Program was designed to help form mutually beneficial relationships between legal marketer mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees have complete control over defining the relationship and can decide between themselves how the relationship will work. At least one meeting is required. It is recommended that participants meet in-person or virtually about 3-6 times per year. Please note that mentors and mentees are responsible for all costs associated with meetings. The mentee is responsible for initiating contact with their mentor and following up accordingly.  

Mentor Responsibilities Responsibilities of Both Mentee Responsibilities
Share valuable knowledge, advice, and ideas Set realistic expectations about connecting from the start Drive relationship by initiating contact with mentor to set-up meetings
Give direct and honest feedback Approach relationship with respect, professionalism and an open mind Be receptive to constructive feedback and advice
Serve as advisor, guide, motivator, and resource Work together to set SMART goals Come to meetings prepared with questions
Invest time in sharing resources and helping mentee expand their professional network Commit to confidentiality and honesty Reflect on expectations and progress

Please contact LMA-MN Membership Director Melissa McGath with any questions you may have.