Working with Clients 2.0: Programming on a Global Scale

Domain: Technology Management 

Web 2.0 introduced us to a world of bold, new digital interfaces, two-way online conversations and the social web, and radically integrated online experiences. With technology as an enabler, Web 2.0 fundamentally shifted the way customers and vendors interact online and leveled the playing field between buyers and sellers of goods and services. We all know the legal industry is ripe for disruption, but for many law firms moving from the 1.0 version of client programs to the 2.0 version is a long road with (sometimes more than a few) reticent passengers.

This session will look at the key steps one global legal institution is taking to revolutionize how they work with clients. By bringing the best of the 2.0 world into play they are building platforms for more efficient marketing, more transparent client services and more profitable matter teams. Technology is again an enabler, and the opportunities for disruption abound.

Kate Boyd, Vice President Client Service and Marketing, High Q
Tavia Ewen, Business Development Manager, Lex Mundi

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