Why Design Thinking Matters

Why Design Thinking Matters

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Domains: Client Services & Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competencies: Process Improvement & Firm Organizational Structures and Dynamics

Design thinking and the human centered design process have been a secret weapon in the world of products for many years and are now increasingly being applied to transform services – including legal services. 

In this session, Professor Westfahl will introduce participants to the core principles of design thinking and show how and why they can result in better, more creative and more likely to succeed innovations, both big and small.  The session will consider the specific application of design-based approaches to the legal profession, and provide suggestions and ideas for how legal marketing professionals can leverage design thinking to achieve creative, practical breakthroughs on particularly difficult issues/challenges.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the core principles of design thinking and human centered design
  • Identify and consider how design-based approaches can transform critical components of the delivery of legal services
  • Spark participants’ interest in design-based approaches to generate more innovation in legal marketing and related areas

Scott Westfahl, Faculty Director of Harvard Law School Executive Education, Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School

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