Why Communication Mastery Should be Your "One Thing"

Why Communication Mastery Should be Your "One Thing"

Domain: Communications

In this session, we will explore what it takes to separate a Legal Marketer with “good ideas,” from one who can consistently, and convincingly, execute on their ideas. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion and learn how to immediately adjust your current communication habits to better navigate the political culture within a law firm. Through personal stories, techniques, and practical takeaways, this session will explore how successful legal marketers attain excellence with their mastery of communication, and will show you how to replicate this success to effectively influence, lead, and win (and have fun doing so!) in your law firm.

Session highlights and topics include:

  • Your “personal brand” as the foundation to all of your communication
  • The science and art of body language
  • Mirroring is not just for psychopaths
  • Hearing what is NOT being said

Thomas E. Choberka, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Kelley Kronenberg

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