Who Are You Really? Getting to the Heart of Your Law Firm's Brand

Domain: Communications

Is your law firm brand remarkable?

Remarkable marketing and branding starts with a unique identity that organically grows out of your company culture. It is then shared with stakeholders through the delivery of information worth noticing and the creation of experiences worth remembering. After all, in a crowded marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible. If your audiences fail to remember you, you have failed.

When it comes to law firm branding, there is a need for marketers and lawyers to move away from tradition. For too long, law firm brand strategy was used as shorthand to describe ad hoc exercises in logo development. In truth, a brand is the entirety of a law firm identity, from its values to its voice and look to the client experience.

Join us as we redefine law firm branding and explore what contemporary law firm brand identities can look like. This session incorporates examples of innovative brand identities from within and outside of the legal industry and will include conversations with two law firm CMOs about how they see law firm brands evolving to more effectively captivate target audiences.

Takeaways will include:

  • Developing the bedrock of your brand by evaluating your law firm’s culture and values
  • Effectively conveying your brand through visuals and voice
  • Strategizing and creating content and experiences that reflect your brand

Kate A. Patterson, Marketing Communications Specialist Group/Lexis Nexis, Freeborn & Peters, LLP
Mark Smalls, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, JAMS
Terry M. Isner, President, Marketing and Business Development, Jaffe

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