What's Next in Digital

What's Next in Digital

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Domain: Technology Management

Designers and technologists love to look at trends for inspiration. But year over year, tracking changes in superficial features like colors, imagery, or content can leave you feeling like you’re just scratching the surface. Kalev Peekna, Chief Strategist at One North, will instead dig deeper and discuss the most impactful emerging concepts in digital design, technology, and marketing. He’ll provide in- and out-of-industry examples of how new ideas like AI-assisted search, progressive web apps, and design thinking influence not only the look and feel of your digital efforts, but also the fundamentals of how you go about them. Explore smarter, more connected and seamless experiences, and return to your firm with a clearer sense of what’s next in digital.

Kalev Paul Peekna, Managing Director, Chief Strategist, One North

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