What You Wish You Knew about Social Media & SEO

What You Wish You Knew about Social Media & SEO

Sponsored by: LMA Social & Digital Media SIG
Domain: Communications
BoK Competency: 
Message and Strategy Planning, Measuring Message Effectiveness, Interactive and Digital Media

We are hearing the question more and more: does social media activity affect SEO? We know that LinkedIn profiles tend to appear high in search results, but what about posts themselves? Join the LMA Social & Digital Media SIG on September 14 for a webinar where we’re leveling up on the social media and SEO conversation. Our expert speaker, Robyn Addis with Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated, will answer these questions and more as she digs into repurposed content, how lawyers are being found online, accessibility (spoiler alert: it impacts SEO!), and what you (and your attorneys) should know about posting on LinkedIn, including helpful algorithm hacks and tips!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify how social media and SEO intertwine and share tips for increasing maximizing those efforts.
  • Discuss the best way to repurpose content, including if and how this content affects SEO.
  • Share helpful takeaways, tips, and tricks when working with your attorney on a LinkedIn profile and engagement, specifically with regard to search optimization.

Robyn Addis, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated

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