Well-Being Wednesday: Grief and Loss in the Workplace

Well-Being Wednesday: Grief and Loss in the Workplace

Sponsored by: LMA International 
Domain: Marketing Management & Leadership
BoK Competency: Department Management and Motivation

An unavoidable part of our professional lives is that we will have to experience grief and loss in the workplace. The death of a colleague, a co-worker who has experienced a loss in their personal life, or even a traumatic experience in the workplace all require us to feel, acknowledge, and respond to grief. This webinar will focus on how we can support our colleagues and teams while grieving. It will also explore how we can be there for ourselves when we are the ones hurting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify ways that grief shows up at work
  • Discuss how to support colleagues and one another during times of loss
  • Specify ways to be authentic and vulnerable while also practicing healthy boundaries during emotionally heavy times

Renee Branson, Principal, RB Consulting

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