Utilizing Our Most Precious Resource: Strategies for Effective Volunteer Engagement

Utilizing Our Most Precious Resource: Strategies for Effective Volunteer Engagement

Sponsored by: LMA Talent Development Committee
Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competency: Department Management and Motivation

Volunteers provide the ideas, energy, and muscle to achieve an organization's mission. This is true for LMA as it is in all associations and non-profit organizations. If a volunteer's time is our precious resource, then how do we ensure that resource is used wisely to build stronger long-term relationships and avoid apathy and turnover? This is "volunteer engagement." This webinar is focused on empowering the volunteer leaders of LMA at all levels with best practices of volunteer engagement, through perspectives from successful executives in highly respected non-profit organizations who rely on volunteers to further their organizations’ missions. You can also leverage these best practices to increase attorney engagement in marketing initiatives at your own firm.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how to recruit, engage, activate, and retain volunteers
  • Determine interest and capabilities of volunteers
  • Explore challenges to overcome while keeping an active volunteer network
  • Learn how to resolve conflict among volunteers
  • Apply best practices to other areas of business and leadership

Chris Sizemore, Past Chair Atlanta LSC and Past LMASE Board Member (Moderator)
Joe Handy, President and CEO, National Black MBA and Chairman of the Celebration Bowl
Veronica Maldonado-Torres, President and CEO, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Kisha Stanley, Head of Volunteerism, United Way of Greater Atlanta

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