Using Marketing Technology to Affect the Bottom Line - Ted Talks

Using Marketing Technology to Affect the Bottom Line - Ted Talks

Domain: Technology Management

How to Adequately Measure the ROI of Your Firm’s Marketing and Business Development Efforts With Digital Marketing Analytics

This Ted Talk will discuss how a law firm was able to use digital marketing analytics to completely enhance their marketing and business development strategy and processes. The presentation will touch upon topics such as the difference between digital marketing analytics and web analytics, marketing automation platforms, digital strategy, the client journey and integrated marketing campaigns.

DLA Piper’s Client Retention Data Analytics Program

What if you could harness firm big data to accurately predict what clients truly value and will pay for? Learn how DLA Piper’s marketing team used a predictive analytics model to harness its data, create market insights and make predictions that are more accurate than guessing what clients will pay for and value. Results and lessons learned will be shared from their 2017 big data project.

Driving Top Line Growth With a Killer Proposal Strategy

Let’s face it, folks — the expectation for law firm business development teams to drive top line revenue is coming from every part of the organization, from the Managing Partner on down. And while taking responsibility for revenue generation is a risk, it is also presents a lot of opportunity for those who can figure out how to navigate it. In this Ted Talk, we’ll discuss the hallmarks of killer proposals, from start to finish, and how you can use technology to drive the process.

Guy Alvarez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Good2bSocial
Heather Reid, Senior Director, Marketing, DLA Piper LLP
Keith Wewe, Vice President, Strategy and Solutions, Content Pilot LLC

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