Using Games to Teach Business Development Skills

Domain: Business Development

“The fun is in the game; the learning takes place in the debrief.”

While some attorneys have a natural drive to consistently engage in necessary business development activities, most need instruction, support and motivation in this area of their business.

One effective way to train and motivate your lawyers in business development is through the use of custom-designed games. The use of games takes advantage of attorneys’ inherently competitive nature, the desire not to be left out of activities and being motivated by prizes and/or recognition. Certain types of games can also be an effective way to remove some excuses, or even anxieties, that prevent attorneys from engaging in certain business development activities.

In this highly interactive session, participant/players will explore how to augment and encourage business development activities by designing and playing games suited to each firm’s business development goals, practice structure and culture. Specifically, the group will:

  • Review the psychology and social science research that emphasizes the value of interactive games in teaching and reinforcing interpersonal and judgment skills
  • Review the critical components of all games to be successful in encouraging participation
  • Design and play games using five different game templates — including motivational, simulation and case-based games
  • Discuss effective communication and facilitation of gamification programs, including the fundamental steps of the debriefing process once a game has completed

Kevin McMurdo, Principal, McMurdo Consulting

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This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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