Understanding the Diversity Landscape for Effective Communications

Understanding the Diversity Landscape for Effective Communications

Sponsored by: PR & Communications SIG and Diversity & Inclusion SIG

Domains: Communications & Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competencies: Reputation Management, Media Relations/PR & Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics

Law firms are under the microscope, for what is on the whole, a dismal track record on diversity & inclusion. Clients and reporters are watching closely, and speaking out, when they don’t like what they see. The few brave law firms that are venturing out to promote what they do externally are sometimes criticized or ridiculed. Meanwhile, the scant number of firms that are working to communicate efforts internally are struggling to get internal engagement around diversity and inclusion. Are law firms in a Catch 22?

  1. Hear from a range of experts from the communications, reporting, diversity & inclusion fields to help your firms create engaging communications strategies that will get reporters attention and clients respect.
  2. Get insights from leading organizations that have mastered diversity & inclusion communications
  3. Gain understanding on some of the diversity & inclusion work that is leading the industry
Learning Outcomes:
    • Discuss the important happenings in the diversity landscape to ensure your communications reflect an understanding of the context
    • Learn what reporters and clients are looking to hear from firms (and what they hear too much of)
    • Gather real life examples of campaigns and templates for creating your own communications strategies

        Arielle Lapiano, Director Communications and Public Relations, Paul Hastings
        Tiffany Yarde, CEO, Motovino
        John Buchanan, Senior Communications Manager, SheppardMullin


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