Translating Change into Lawyer Speak: A Framework for Managing Change in a Law Firm

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Lawyers think like lawyers. Getting inside that mindset can provide a unique set of challenges that make any sort of change difficult to impossible. With savvier corporate clients, a new breed of competitors in the industry and shifting law firm dynamics, managing through change has become a critical part of a firm’s ability to succeed in today’s market. How law firms go about responding to these changes and implement new strategies to address the current market remains a difficult question to answer. Change is hard, but figuring out how to get your attorneys to come along with you is harder. Many change management discussions fail to get off the ground because there is no common starting point for the discussion. In this session, we will focus on managing change through the lens of business development and pricing strategy and how to translate that into your attorneys’ language.

Bill Josten, Senior Legal Industry Analyst - Client Development and Thought Leadership, Thomson Reuters

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