Think Like a Blogger: Coaching Lawyers on Writing for Social Media

Domain: Communications

This is a coaching the coaches session for marketing professionals who want to encourage lawyers — formally or informally — to start or maintain blogs.

Lawyers have a strong tradition of CLEs, books and a general interest in legal writing for clients, yet they may not view blogging as a teachable skill. Expanded writing training on legal blogging will position lawyers to contribute more frequently and effectively to their own blog or a firm blog. This session will provide a model that marketing professionals can customize and present to attorneys.

Examples drawn from a variety of legal blogs begin to reveal what works as well as common weaknesses lawyers may fall into while blogging. Effective legal blogging requires not only an understanding of a more engaging public voice, but also a commitment to blogging over time, ideally including some social engagement. The session will provide checklists for writing style and social engagement that make blogging efforts more efficient for the lawyer and effective at reaching the public.

Jennifer Romig, Instructor of Legal Writing, Research, and Advocacy, Emory University School of Law

Member Price: $59
Prospective Member Price: $79


This session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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