The 2018 Law Firm Digital Marketing Survey: Trends & Best Practices

The 2018 Law Firm Digital Marketing Survey: Trends & Best Practices

Sponsored by: LMA HQ

Domain: Communications
BoK Competency: Media Relations/PR

Good2bSocial and the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) jointly conducted a survey in September 2018 to discover trends and best practices amongst law firms’ use of digital marketing.

During this webinar, join Guy Alvarez of Good2bSocial along with Jeff Berardi of K&L Gates LLP and Jay Plum of Bracewell LLP for a lively discussion of the survey results, an analysis of digital marketing trends, and actionable best practices from in-house legal marketers.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how law firms are using digital marketing to raise awareness of their legal services and generate new business opportunities.
  • Discover common challenges legal marketers face when trying to implement digital marketing programs within their firm and how they are working to overcome them.
  • Find out how leading law firms are developing digital marketing campaigns to reap unique benefits such as increased brand recognition, enhanced thought leadership position, and a larger share of voice in their areas of practice and industry sectors.

Guy Alvarez, Chief Engagement Officer, Good2bSocial
Jeff Berardi, Chief Marketing Officer, K&L Gates LLP
Jay Plum, Director of Communications, Bracewell LLP


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