The Motown MarTech Stack: Everything you Need to Know About Legal Marketing Technology from The Temptations

The Motown MarTech Stack: Everything you Need to Know About Legal Marketing Technology from The Temptations

Sponsored by: Marketing Technology SIG & Small Firm SIG

Domain: Technology Management
Competencies: Website Management, Analytics and SEO, Communications Software and Platforms, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Today’s digital marketers are tasked with delivering results in increasingly complex and demanding environments. The technological aptitude of marketers is expanding, but the time to assess, purchase, onboard, and integrate technology solutions to deliver business results is a growing challenge—especially as new technology is rapidly invented and brought to market.

This webinar will define the marketing technology stack and provide a visualization of how disparate systems come together to achieve marketing and business development objectives. Then, through the lens of Motown and The Temptations, we’ll share a scenario that highlights the tech stack in action before discussing a legal marketing case study with an in-house expert.

Participants will gain a visualization of the marketing technology stack, challenge them to develop their own, and provide practical, implementable recommendations for marketers to bring back to their firms.

Specifically, this session will:

  • Survey the abundant technologies available to marketers, legal and otherwise
  • Provide an overview to the marketing technology stack concept
  • Identify common pain points experienced by legal marketers in choosing and using marketing technologies
  • Highlight actual solutions to selecting, adopting, and scaling marketing technology usage through primary and secondary sources
  • Prepare audience members to bring ideas and options on how to alleviate marketing technology pain points to decision-makers at their firms

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have a more comprehensive understanding of the marketing technology stack
  • Understand how other law firms and marketing technologists are approaching technology adoption and implementation
  • Be prepared to return to their firms, irrespective of size or resources, and more effectively put their marketing technology to work

Jaron Rubenstein, President and Founder, RubyLaw
Mobina Panicker, Director of Digital Technology and Operations, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

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