The Evolving Role of Legal Operations Executives

Domain: Client Services

As corporations have put additional demands on their legal departments to cut budgets and increase the value they bring to the table, many of them have begun creating and adopting multi-faceted legal operations roles.  The population of legal operations professionals in corporations is growing, and in many ways, they are becoming the most influential voices in the legal department when it comes to managing the operations and commercial agreements between their companies and vendors.  These dynamic individuals come from different backgrounds—from practicing lawyers to procurement, and from finance to operations—and can be instrumental in ensuring that the work being done with outside counsel is well organized, intuitively structured and productive. 

In this session, legal operations executives will share more detail on the many hats they wear within their respective organizations, what goals drive their actions, what metrics and data are most important to them, and how law firms can work with them to bring about mutually beneficial working relationships.

Keith Maziarek, DLA Piper LLP (US)
David Cambria, Archer Daniels Midland
Elizabeth Jaworski, Motorola
Shawn Cassatt, Corning Incorporated

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