The CMO/CFO Relationship: An Adversary or Your Greatest Ally?

Domain: Business Development, Marketing Management and Leadership

If you’re the only marketing and business development person at your firm or you have a small team and budget, there are many creative and effective business development programs your firm can implement on a budget. One of the primary business development tools most essential for any marketer is a fruitful collaboration with the firm’s CFO.

In this one-hour session, you will receive key takeaways to build your relationship as well as tangible marketing/business development program ideas.

The program will focus on:

  • Collaboration — You will leave the session with a plan as to how to bridge the gap, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and utilize the CFO as your teammate to help drive and implement successful programs.
  • Putting Ideas into Action — You will learn about how to put some of your great ideas into action, from thought leadership programs, public relations, content marketing and multi-channel efforts.
  • Resource Management — How the CMO/CFO can work together to assess and maximize human and technological resources.
  • Promotion — In some firms, marketing/business development is not always viewed in high regard. Some firms are still caught up in a marketing department planning seminars and updating Web bios. How can you change the guard? The CFO can be your biggest promoter to help build your profile in your firm among the attorneys you serve.

Jennifer S. Bankston, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, McGinnis Lochridge
Keith Gard, Executive Director, McGinnis Lochridge

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Prospective Member Price: $79

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