Telling Your Value Story (From the Client Perspective)

Telling Your Value Story (From the Client Perspective)

Domain: Client Services

This session will provide tips on how to tell your "value" story to clients -- i.e. innovation, technology advancement, project management or other expertise. 

How that story can be told in various situations from individual matters to RFPs. In a competitive industry for legal work, it is important to find ways to differentiate your firm. While quality legal work and expertise are essential, that is no longer the only consideration for clients especially when more than one firm or lawyer can deliver that quality and expertise.

The "value" of what firms bring to the table is wrapped in other services and investments the organization has made in use of technology, innovative legal service delivery models, project management support, etc. That "value" can also be highlighted in the simplest of ways and beyond the traditional RFP or panel response. It also doesn't require use of prescribed business development or marketing language.

This session will give one client's perspective on "value" storytelling and what we look for (and would like to see more of).

Topics include:

  • Identify different opportunities where value can be displayed / told
  • Develop specific examples of "value" that can be highlighted to clients
  • Learn specific formats for delivering value characteristics

Rebecca Hernandez Benavides, Microsoft

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