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Domain: Communications

The Secrets of Why and How TED Talks Captivate Audiences:

This interactive session will be a TED Talk about how to give TED Talk. Learn thesecrets of the world’s best TED Talks that create, inspire and evoke such interest they become provocative and memorable experiences. These talks might be the beginning of the end of PowerPoint. Using the art of storytelling and surprise, TED Talks capture an audience and take them to new places. Attendees will discover how to take content and turn it into unforgettable and intriguing knowledge. With TED Talks, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

After this 15-minute TED Talk, a partner from an AmLaw 100 firm will give a practice area focused TED Talk demonstrating how attorneys can use this type of creative presentation to give substantive talks to become the most memorable person in the room.

Merry Neitlich, Partner, Extreme Marketing

TED Talks Case Study:

This presentation will be an example of how marketing professionals can assist the partners in their firms to create a practice-area-focused TED Talk for clients, conferences, speeches, presentations and the like.

Tamara Devitt, Partner, Haynes & Boone, LLP

Organizational Transformation Through Digital Marketing: Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms:

The success of today’s marketing organizations is largely driven by their adoption of digital technologies to transform the business. Legal marketing professionals need to ensure marketing is enabled with the right tools and processes to further engage with clients in an increasingly connected world.

This digital transformation will only accelerate, with several trends driving this forward. What are these trends and what effect will they have on law firm marketing?

This presentation will explore these trends and provide examples of how they have already begun to transform the way business is being conducted by many of your current clients. The presentation will also focus on how these trends may affect law firms and impact the way in which they will deliver services in the future.

Guy Alvarez, Chief Engagement Officer, Good2bSocial

The Art and Neuroscience of Using Psychology to Market Your Law Firm More Effectively:

The human brain processes information based on the work of more than 90 million neurons, and it’s these neurons that drive your prospective clients to do what they do. By attempting to market your law firm’s services without a deep understanding of human psychology, your marketing could actually be hurting your firm instead of helping it. According to Nielsen, 90% of buying decisions are made with the subconscious mind. Furthermore, neuroscience studies have proven that human decisions are emotionally driven. The factors that influence your prospective clients’ thinking — visual input, colors, emotion, social validation, repetition, neural filtering, etc. — are diverse, yet with the right approach are easy to execute effectively in your marketing. If you want stellar marketing results, your marketing should focus on delivering the most powerful impact to the subconscious mind.

In this session, learn the fundamentals of powerful marketing that move people to action. Understand the underlying reasons why certain marketing works and other marketing falls flat. Uncover actual neuromarketing techniques to appeal to the subconscious mind, attract more attention, drive more website visitors, propel higher volumes of inbound phone calls, create more memorable marketing and achieve increased conversions.

Tom Shapiro, President, Stratabeat, Inc.

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