TED-TALK Segment 1: Tech West Conference

TED-TALK Segment 1: Tech West Conference

The following content is presented by the LMA West Region.

Title: Video Production in the Legal Marketing World - an In-House Perspective
Domains: Business Development, Client Services, Communications
Presenter: Matteo Bava, Video Marketing Manager, Perkins Coie LLP
Online video marketing is undeniably a developing trend in legal marketing, and it is definitely here to stay. This presentation analyzes the current and future usage of video production in marketing the law firm (especially in the corporate law field), and on how firms can better leverage its usage across their different media platforms (social media, PR, branding, etc.).
This TED Talk will cover:

  • High-level introduction to corporate video production
  • Why video in legal marketing?
  • AmLaw100 video creation, usage and trends
  • In House vs outsourced
  • The million-dollar question: ROI and video
  • Content and distribution strategies
  • Creating synergies within the marketing department and the firm as a whole
  • The future: the role of video in the AR/VR spaces

Title: Automation: Turning Contacts and Content Into Opportunities
Domains: Business Development, Communications, Marketing Management and Leadership
Presenter: Matt Parfitt, President, Vuture U.S., Vuture
This TED Talk will explore automation and look at how it can and can’t work at a law firm and discuss whether you can treat a lawyer like a sales person (spoiler: you can’t). Further, it will look at how your existing digital footprint can be converted into an effective automation machine.

Title: Achieving Client-Centricity with Data
Domains: Business Development, Business of Law, Client Services
Presenter: Jennifer Roberts, Data Scientist, InTapp
Based on the outside in approach (i.e. Manning/Bodine) to client driven business development, we will discuss how to spin firm data (not just from finance!) on it's head to tell a holistic client story that encompasses various design-thinking approaches with the application of data science. 

Title: Managing Data/SPAM Compliance Risk - What You Need to Know About CASL & GDPR
Domain: Technology Management
Presenter: Sunny Bane, Director of Marketing Operations, DLA Piper
In this session we revisit the evolving landscape of data and spam compliance through the lens of the Canadian Anti-SPAM Legislation (CASL) and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.  Though these are laws outside the US they have direct impact on any firm doing business with these jurisdictions.  Learn how to understand the impact on your firm, the potential risk the firm is exposed to and practical suggestions for managing.

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