TED-Style Talks - Part 2

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Domain: Business Development

Data Visualization for Legal Marketing and Business Development

With the wealth of data that we collect on clients and prospects, we need new tools to understand the patterns and relationships in our increasingly information-based businesses.

Data visualization (sometimes called “DataViz”) is the art and science of displaying (often) large amounts of information to enable the viewer to gain insights that would not otherwise be apparent through numerical displays and spreadsheets. Data visualization takes advantage of human visual perception and cognition. For example, a human can distinguish differences in line length, shape orientation, and color (hue) readily without significant processing effort whereas, it may require significant time and effort to identify the number of times the digit "5" appears in a series of numbers.

A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users via the statistical graphics, plots, information graphics, tables, and charts. Effective visualization helps users in analyzing and reasoning about data and evidence. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. Data visualization focuses on displaying information efficiently where information graphics are largely editorial. Information graphics convey an idea where data visualization allows the viewer to explore data and their correlations.

Bridging the Gap Between CRM and Lawyer Engagement

No one in the legal marketing community debates the importance of CRM, but virtually everyone struggles to bridge the gap between their firm database and their lawyers' participation. The latest market-wide CRM study reveals that only 5% of lawyers actually use their firms' CRM consistently.

This program will provide an overview of the CRM problem, beginning with statistics from the aforementioned study. We will then provide a specific accountability model that has worked at dozens of firms who have managed to increase lawyer CRM engagement by up to 75%.

5 Ways Your Web Content Management System Can Save the Day

A fast-paced walkthrough of 5 common digital marketing problems, and the way we’ve solved them for our law firm clients. The 5 ways will vary depending on the latest and greatest thinking between now and the conference, but may include problems such as: Site search, Back-end content integration, Generating firm materials on the fly, Content personalization and alternate bio content delivery, Mobile search optimization, Social media integration, etc.

Social Media Case Study: From No Access to a Collaborative & Marketing Tool in 3 Years

In 2012, Knobbe Martens, an AmLaw 200 firm focused on all aspects of intellectual property law, had no presence on social media. We had squatted our name like good lawyers do, but it was a blank canvas. Coming out of a website re-launch, the Marketing department was able to obtain approval to use social media on behalf of the firm, but only to re-post content available on the website. Three years later, each platform used has a distinct purpose, there is a collaborative team posting content using Hootsuite, engagement with organizations, clients and employees, business development training sessions focused on LinkedIn, and lawyers sharing via Clearview Social. In this session, learn the steps we took to change the outlook of social media at our firm, the strategy and implementation and tips for success.

Slaying the Analytics Dragon

Getting value from web analytics is hard. This is true for ecommerce websites and even more so for professional services websites. There is so much data and so little time. How can a marketer determine what is worth measuring in order to show firm leadership that the website is a success? In this session, we will provide a strategic framework for firm web analytics and dive into the tactical application of that approach as well with real life examples. By applying this strategy, marketers can take out the guess work when analyzing their firm websites and begin providing recommendations to firm leadership on how to continually improve the website based on the data that is right for their firm.

If you struggle with getting value from your web analytics, or if you simply want to refine your strategy, then this is a great session for you. Let’s slay the web analytics dragon for good!

David Ackert, Ackert Inc.
Jaron Rubenstein, Rubenstein Technology Group
Sheenika Shah, Knobbe Martens
Adam Stock, Allen Matkins
Eric Wood, Siteimprove

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