TED-Style Talks - Part 1

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Domains: Business Development, Technology Management, Communication

Beyond Branding: Using Big Data to Differentiate Your Firm in a Crowded Marketplace

"Big Data" and marketing is usually focused on better understanding buyer behavior, but what if you could leverage a different type of “Big Data” – the data inside the heads of our attorneys – to differentiate your firm in ways your competitors cannot?

Join Debra Baker of Law Leaders Lab, a Growth Play Company, for a presentation that explores how law firms can draw upon the unique data within their firms to clearly differentiate themselves from competitors and create accumulative advantages that keeps clients coming back. Law Leaders Lab helps lawyers rethink the way they create, deliver and communicate value to clients through innovation, strategic planning and leadership initiatives.

Using Readership Analytics to Build a Culture of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a time honored method for attorneys to demonstrate their expertise and to keep their profiles out in the public sphere --but how do you measure its effectiveness? When confronted with billable hour pressures - how do you convince your lawyers that producing quality content is a critical and measurable endeavor? Publications manager and attorney Nicole Minnis from the National Law Review will discuss how to use data from Google Analytics (and other readership information) in order to convince your attorneys that thought leadership is a worthy endeavor. At the National Law Review, Nicole manages the editorial process and social media for over 750 articles per month for one of the highest volume business law websites in the country. She will show you what data matters, how to get it, and simple tips to build and keep momentum going for your firm's thought leadership program.

10 Mistakes All Lawyers Make on LinkedIn

A tour of the 10 mistakes lawyers make in creating their LinkedIn profiles – and how to prevent and fix them!

Not Just Data Quality – Focus on Data Automation for Adoption

CRM systems in legal have traditionally focused on the importance of having attorneys "do stuff" in the CRM system. Buy-in and success has been anecdotally measured by the extent to which attorneys are entering data or updating the system. Firms tend to talk about "increasing attorney usage" without being specific about what that means, or by having too limited a view of what that means. In this session, we'll talk though options for more appropriately defining "attorney adoption" and for ensuring that we aren't asking attorneys to spend their time "doing things" in the system that can and should be automated.

Would the real SEO expert please stand up? (Alt: Who does #2 WORK for?)

Legal Marketers are inundated with calls and emails from SEO "Experts" scaring them with a list of website issues and lures to the promised land of that top position on Google. While many marketers don't know any better, web insiders know that claiming expertise in SEO is like claiming proficiency in tying shoes (the Velcro variety).The fact is the mechanics of SEO are astoundingly simple, yet success at SEO is hard to achieve (and no less so for an "Expert"). We'll quickly identify some ways to validate your SEO guru's claims of website issues, define what to look for in an SEO program, and identify how to determine the value of SEO in a simple mathematical formula.

Debra Baker, Law Leaders Lab, A Growth Play Company
Adrian Dayton, Clearview Social
Igor Ilyinsky, FirmWise
Jennifer Klyse, Klyse Advisory Group
Nicole Minnis, The National Law Review

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