Streamlined, Actionable and Transparent Partner Business Plans

Streamlined, Actionable and Transparent Partner Business Plans

Domains: Business Development, Business of Law

Is your annual partner business plan process a chore? Are you frustrated by the lawyers’ lack of follow-through and implementation? In this case study, learn how one law firm leveraged an online platform to develop and implement lawyer business plans. Their solution provided partners with personalized business development “dashboards” that can be reviewed and updated throughout the year. It also delivered actionable reminders, tied to due dates, to promote execution. And, it provided transparency for business development activities across the firm. More than 75 percent of partners are using the tool and, within the first month, the firm could identify 15 successes and opportunities.

Topics include:

  • How to implement a partner business plan process that drives sales activity
  • How to leverage technology to drive accountability
  • Key elements of a successful implementation and communication plan to introduce new business development technology

Ray Oldfield, CEO and Founder, ObjectiveManager
Dan Pulka, Chief Marketing Officer, Pepper Hamilton LLP 

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