StrategiesLIVE: Firm Leadership: Building a Collaborative Culture

StrategiesLIVE: Firm Leadership: Building a Collaborative Culture

Sponsored by: StrategiesLIVE

Domain: Business of Law and Marketing Management & Leadership
Competency: Department Management & Motivation and Business Development Coaching/Training

Many studies show businesses with collaborative cultures enjoy a higher level of profitability, have better talent retention, and deliver superior service to their clients. The data available to support the outcomes is widely available and statistically shows these facts are indeed valid. This discussion will focus on how building a collaborative culture within your own department, a firm’s office(s) and the firm overall is possible. With the help of effective leadership and an understanding of what it takes to facilitate employee and partner engagement, any department, office or firm may reap the benefits.

Hear from a distinguished group of professionals who will provide some provocative discussion and ideas for you to take back and implement.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Focus on your firm’s culture and the impact it can have on the bottom line
    • Learn how to begin building a more collaborative culture starting with your own team
    • Infuse your work with partners with ideas for how they may better collaborate with one another
    • Discuss ways to deliver the best results

          Silvia L. Coulter, Principal, LawVision Group LLC
          Tim Kuppler, Human Synergistics, Director of Culture and OD, Founder
          Dr. Sunnie Giles, President, Quantum Leadership Group

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