Strategically Growing Your Client Base Using CRM

Strategically Growing Your Client Base Using CRM

Domain: Technology Management, Business Development

Every firm has a growth strategy and requires a smartly integrated tech ecosystem. This session will cover the practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the business development lifecycle, with the goal of improving client relationships, assisting in client retention, and driving sales growth. We will discuss current trends in how corporate legal departments measure and assess law firm performance, and you will have the opportunity to hear both the law firm and general counsel point of view. Anthony J. Pearl, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will speak regarding what he considers to be the most important considerations in corporate legal departments’ relationships with partner law firms.

This session will also include guidance on the importance of data quality, how to use the right tools, integrate optimal technology, create processes, and best practices that will allow you to take steps to become a high growth firm and focus on the client’s experience

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss how to effectively focus, track, and measure your business development strategy 
  • Identify strategies to improve sales and effectively manage client relationships, workflows, and processes
  • Discuss how to justify adoption of new business development and marketing technologies
Pamela Tobias, Client Advisor, LexisNexis
Duane Eddy, Client Advisor, LexisNexis
Morgan Horvitz, Chief Client Relations & Business Development Officer, Galloway
Anthony J. Pearl, Esq, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Kris Satkunas, Director of Strategic Consulting, LexisNexis

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