Storytelling for Business – Harnessing the Power of Story

Storytelling for Business – Harnessing the Power of Story

Domain: Communications

Learning how to craft and tell persuasive, memorable and impactful stories is the key to good communication. It’s not enough to write a case study or pack a presentation with impressive facts. Breaking through the noise to get your message across requires connecting on an emotional level with your audience and making them care. Well-told and true stories can help you land a land a job, client and referral source. Professional storyteller Tracey Segarra will teach you the building blocks of effective stories and how to leverage them in your firm and life.

Topics include:

  • The five beats of effective storytelling
  • The science behind why storytelling works
  • How to find the important stories in your organization

Tracey Segarra, Director of Marketing, Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP

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