Southwest Recording: BD Boot Camp - Session 301

Southwest Recording:  BD Boot Camp - Session 301

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BD Boot Camp: Session 301

Staying Connected to Clients during Times of Uncertainty

 Recorded 8/1/2023

In an uncertain economic landscape, it often becomes difficult to anticipate our clients’ needs. They are more likely to become unresponsive, or worse, seek out cost-saving alternatives. In this program, we will explore practical, reasonable ways lawyers can stay connected to clients, virtually or otherwise. You will also learn how to sustain a full pipeline of new opportunities as we walk through exactly how many interactions are typically required to bring in new work, and how to ensure that the client relationship expands over time.

What attendees will learn:

  • The 9 questions lawyers can ask clients to stay relevant and identify new opportunities for work
  • The key factor that influences a buyer’s decision 69% of the time
  • The frequency and cadence of interaction necessary to sustain a client relationship
  • The critical role thought leadership and social media play in the new environment
  • How to maintain a strong relationship with clients, even remotely or during dormant periods


LMA Body of Knowledge: Business Development




David Ackert
Founder & CEO
Ackert | Pipeline Plus

David is President at Ackert and its subsidiaries. He is a highly regarded business development thought leader. Over the past two decades, David has pioneered revenue acceleration programs for hundreds of professional services firms around the globe.

He is the founder of several technology platforms including the PipelinePlus software suite. His programs are winners of “Your Honor Awards” in both the U.S. and Canada and have been featured in NLJ’s “Technologies on the Rise.” David regularly keynotes at partner retreats and speaks at industry conferences. He also serves as a guest lecturer at USC’s Marshall School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, and at the UCLA School of Law.

David’s work has been published and quoted in several business books and media, including the Los Angeles Times, the National Review, the Daily Journal, the Wall Street Journal, Above the Law, Attorney at Work, The Recorder, and the Los Angeles Business Journal. His Market Leaders Podcast has won several JD Supra Reader’s Choice Awards.



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