Skunkworks, AI, and Metaverse: What's Next in Legal Marketing

Skunkworks, AI, and Metaverse: What's Next in Legal Marketing

Domain: Business of Law

Learn about what’s new and what’s next for our profession with two fast-paced TED-style talks, followed by an interactive Q&A about the future of law firms, legal marketing, and our careers. Our speakers will discuss creating a “skunkworks,” a strategic innovation lab to develop your best—and most experimental—ideas. Then, hear about how one law firm used innovative thinking to create a foothold in the Metaverse. After both TED-style talks, all speakers will reflect on the future of the profession and field your pressing questions.

Create a Skunkworks Consulting Firm within Your Marketing Department

Builden Partners’ Jocelyn Brumbaugh and Sara Goddard will unpack the five things consultants do differently when working with attorneys and how these tools can make the difference between a reactive department of order-takers and proactive marketers who drive strategy. Learn practical steps to start a skunkworks marketing consulting agency within their existing department – one that will be an indispensable part of firm strategy with a seat at the table.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Describe how to embrace the skunkworks philosophy
  • Exchange practical tips for presenting new ideas to attorneys
  • Discuss day-to-day changes that can be made within the marketing department to position the team as leaders
How Web 3.0/Metaverse is Going to Change the Legal Industry

Web 3.0 and the metaverse are rapidly evolving and gaining momentum, and this evolution brings unique opportunities and challenges for all businesses. The metaverse is creating jobs and attracting attention from a wide array of industries including financial services, real estate, entertainment, retail, architecture and more. Hear from the strategist/marketer of the first legal community in the Metaverse, Lance Wyllie of LawCity, and Julie Gurney from Benesch, the first AmLaw firm to establish a presence within LawCity on what they anticipate as the next digital revolution. 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explain what Web 3.0/Metaverse really is and how it will affect our industry
  • Demonstrate how law firms can position themselves to capitalize on Web 3.0/Metaverse
  • Discover what industry experts are doing in the Metaverse
Jocelyn Brumbaugh, Founder, Builden Partners
Sara Goddard, Director of Client Projects, Builden Partners
Julie Gurney, Director of Marketing & Client Development, Benesch
Lance Wyllie, Metaverse Strategist, LawCity

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