Serving Up SEO Success: The Perfect Recipe for Data and Content Collaboration

Serving Up SEO Success: The Perfect Recipe for Data and Content Collaboration

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Domain:  Communications and Technology Management

Creating a delicious firmwide content strategy is like opening a new restaurant: The “back of the house” (data/analytics/coding) and the “front of the house” (content/design/engagement) must work together seamlessly to prepare and serve up tasty content that is appetizing to business prospects and search engines alike. Pull up a chair with two experienced legal marketing “restaurateurs” who launched, and continue to maintain, a content-first website. Together we’ll reveal the most effective ways to get an important piece of content from field to table and, more importantly, generate the rave “reviews” that will prompt search engines to keep sending hungry customers your way. 

In this presentation, we will cover:

  • Why Google is the “Yelp” of legal content and how reader engagement can make or break your search rankings.
  • Secrets of a fruitful collaboration between data marketers and content marketers, and the discussions you need to be having to whip up a delectable mix of content, data, and more content.
  • Gleaming knives and spotless bathrooms: Why a meticulous approach to coding and website governance is fundamental to top-level search rankings.
  • How to manage, encourage, and rein in your celebrity chefs — the attorney-authors whose content is the star attraction.
  • 'Would you care to see the dessert menu?’ Are you doing enough to woo your readers and bring them deeper into your site?
  • Attendees will come away with:
  • 5 questions to ask your attorney-authors before they start crafting their next great content dish.
  • Tips on how to develop an SEO worksheet for your content creators
  • The 3 SEO key performance indicators (KPIs) that should alert you when a piece of content is generating rave reviews.

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Stephanie M. Richter, Thompson Coburn

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