Serve Clients While You Sleep

Serve Clients While You Sleep

Domain: Business of Law

Did you ever notice that you generally cannot go to a law firm’s website and buy anything? That’s because law firms sell full-service legal solutions all the time. Their products are their people. Law firms do not offer self-service. The challenge for clients is that full-service legal services are perfectly appropriate for sticky-wicket and strategic matters, but often ill-suited for business-as-usual transactions and needs. Clients complain about cost and speed, and law firms have few options to satisfy the demand outside of working harder for less money. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a way out. Clients subscribe to self-service software from the law firm when they need quick, affordable help. They use partial-service and full-service when they need more help. Law firms enhance their revenues and margins, and serve clients while they sleep.

Topics include:

  • How a lawyer plus an algorithm are stronger than either by itself
  • How to serve your clients 24x7x365
  • How self-service subscription software will not cannibalize your full-service, bespoke, billable-hour work

Kevin Miller, Chief Executive Officer, LegalSifter, Inc.
A. Elizabeth (Lizz) Patrick, Chief Client Officer and Founding attorney, Patrick Law Group 

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