Positioning Your Podcast for Success

Positioning Your Podcast for Success

Domain: Technology Management, Communications

You built it and they didn't come. You purchased the microphones, you hired the intern that knew how to use GarageBand, you even convinced your attorneys to sit still long enough to record a few episodes. You rolled out the press release, hit publish, and...crickets. We know consumers crave audio, so where are they?

While all signs indicate we're only at the tip of the audio consumption iceberg, consumers are stingy with their attention and demand a compelling reason to tune in. Join this session to learn how to produce a world-class podcast that attracts potential clients, establishes your attorneys as thought-leaders, and forms the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Craft a brand-narrative that attracts attention
  • Create valuable content people feel compelled to share
  • Turn your podcast into a plug-and-play content marketing machine
  • Become your biggest brand ambassador
Robert Ingalls, Chief Podcast Strategist, LawPods

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