Orchestration Making Your Digital Marketing Work in Context

Orchestration Making Your Digital Marketing Work in Context

Domain:  Technology Management

The top transformational problem in marketing is no longer ”how to be digital.” Now, the most significant problem is how to coordinate and integrate fragmented activities into a coherent customer experience. In short, the new goal is orchestration. Join this discussion of what we, as digital marketers managing a plethora of tactics, can learn from the idea of classical orchestration. Using analogies from music theory and examples from classical to pop, this session will demonstrate how to create an integrated marketing strategy, proving that the whole of your marketing can equal more than the sum of its parts.

Topics include:

  • Why no one marketing activity should stand alone
  • Tactics for the planning of your long-term and short-term marketing activities
  • The value behind an integrated marketing plan: how to create an endurable activity cadence, apply lessons in adjacent projects and be the “conductor” of your marketing strategy

Kalev Peekna, Managing Director, Digital Strategy, One North

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