One Size Fits One: Choose the Right LinkedIn Strategy for Your Firm Culture and Lawyer Personalities

Sponsored by the 2016 Legal Marketing Technology Conference Midwest and the Social Media SIG

Domain: Business Development

Ever notice how most of your lawyers underutilize LinkedIn? Many of the opportunities in their networks remain untapped in spite of the prodding they receive from their marketing departments. 

The fact is that unless their LinkedIn strategy is tailored to their personality, they will never become "power users." So, in order for marketers to support and coach optimal results, they must understand the components that influence a lawyer's reluctance to use LinkedIn and the strategies that are most likely to yield results. In this program, David Ackert will walk through some of the key lawyer personalities and match them to the LinkedIn strategies that are most likely to resonate. 

There is hope even for lawyers who are introverts, eccentrics, or tech-averse. In this webinar, you will learn how to coach their LinkedIn endeavors more effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand lawyer reluctance when it comes to social media so you can coach them more effectively
  • Direct lawyers through the path of least resistance when it comes to LinkedIn
  • Discover little-used strategies that fully harness the BD potential of LinkedIn

David Ackert, President, Ackert Inc.

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