No Longer Taboo: Helping Lawyers Embrace the Power of Selling to Win More Clients

No Longer Taboo: Helping Lawyers Embrace the Power of Selling to Win More Clients

Domain: Business Development

While sales has been a taboo topic in law firms for some time now, the pandemic has escalated the need for lawyers to understand that clients are not afraid to be sold to. In fact, they are now requesting it. Not necessarily by saying the word “sales,” but in the way they have defined “understand my business.” Connecting the right skill set to your clients’ needs to help them attain their business goals and objectives is in essence sales. Rainmakers in law firms are akin to effective sales executives as evidenced by the very process both take to understand the client and create opportunities for success. We will explore ways that you can engage with your attorneys to help them understand the power of selling, why clients are now seeking to understand their law firms’ capabilities, and how successful sales techniques are no longer taboo, but an effective element of your strategy. As we plan to reconnect with our clients face-to-face, let’s rise to the occasion and show our attorneys a way to deliver the sales approach with a refocused agenda!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the elements of an effective sales cycle and how you can introduce, develop and move that cycle along
  • Explore the ideas behind why top rainmakers in law firms are not considered “sales agents” but ultimately follow the same methodology
  • Understand the importance the power of communication and the importance of nailing the delivery of the message when talking to clients, especially when virtual
Erin Corbin Meszaros, Chief Business Development and Client Service Officer, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
Rory Channer, Chief Commercial Officer, BehaVR, LLC

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