Minnesota - A Whole New World: Making the Most of the Return to the Physical Workplace

Minnesota -  A Whole New World: Making the Most of the Return to the Physical Workplace

When the pandemic abruptly ushered professionals around the globe to their home offices, few understood the long-term impacts remote work would impose on their careers and networks.

Now, over a year later as professionals everywhere prepare to make the move back to their offices, it’s worth some thought about how remote work has changed you and those around you, and how you want to show up as a professional in your workplace. Whether you are anticipating a summer or fall transition back to the office or have been back at your office for months, chances are you could use a brush-up to get your career and network back on track.  Join Kate Harry Shipham and LMA-Minnesota to learn tips for re-engaging in work with both your team and your attorneys. Gain the tools you need for re-establishing good habits, re-thinking how you work, re-imagining your "ideal working style and pace,” and renewing relationships with colleagues, all while managing your work in a whole new hybrid world. All of these tips and topics will get to the heart of expectation setting with those around you; if everyone is on the same page, careers and networks will grow quickly and successfully.

Body of Knowledge (BoK): Marketing Management and Leadership


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About the Speaker:

Kate Harry Shipham  |  Principal @KHS People LLC
Kate Harry Shipham is the Principal of KHS People LLC, an executive search firm with a niche in placing marketers and business developers in law firms. Kate is a former attorney, and she leverages her background as an attorney to understand the individual needs of her clients and candidates. Both clients and candidates work with Kate because of her deep understanding of the market, her ability to relate based on her attorney and search experience combined, and her professional and personable style she brings into each search. Kate works all across the US, and proactively brings the best search practices to find and engage legal marketing professionals, as well as key market intelligence and specific salary data points. Kate truly loves what she does, and loves an opportunity like this to share information, facilitate conversations that specifically matter to you, and provide insights that her unique position has given her.

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