Mid-Atlantic Recording: Your Website is Bad for Business

Mid-Atlantic Recording:  Your Website is Bad for Business

Recorded January 26, 2023

How Lack of Cross-Functional Collaboration Led to the Fail of Modern Law Firm Websites 

Your firm’s website is a powerful marketing and branding tool that serves as a place for clients, prospects, referrals, potential hires, and others to validate what they know about your firm. It might be a landing zone for client conversions. It might be an online directory for media or clients to find your contact information. It might be a hub for alumni to connect. It might be all of those things or some of those things.

So why the disconnect?

Firms can experience a host of obstacles during their website journeys. These obstacles could include a “stay in your lane” culture that leads to siloed decision making, or internal misalignment leading to a lack of creativity and a suboptimal user experience (UX). The result: a big fat C-minus website, or worse.

But wait, there’s hope.

In this program we will cover:

  1.   How to peel back your (and your firm’s) natural bias to see how your website is truly perceived through the lens of your intended audience (BTW, your audience stretches beyond your clients).
  2.   Why it matters if your website does not accurately represent your firm, and how to communicate the pitfalls and business risks to firm leadership.
  3.   Why cross-functional collaboration is key to the creation and evolution of an effective firm website.
  4.   How legal marketing and business development professionals can and should play an ongoing role in the evaluation and development of the firm’s website.
  5.   How to identify your differentiators and commonalities so that your website authentically reflects your firm’s culture and capabilities.
  6.   What you can do to make improvements now.

This program is geared towards law firm CMOs, M&BD and client services professionals, solo marketers, and digital and technology marketers.

Body of Knowledge:  Technology Management, Communications


Matt Kurnick

Matt Kurnick
Digital Communications Manager
Foley & Lardner LLP

Diana Lauritson

Diana Lauritson
Senior Manager of Marketing and Business Development
Hogan Lovells LLP

Rae Ritter

Rae Ritter
Director of Client Service and Marketing

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